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Acorn 120 | Model 120 Indoor Perch and Stand Frame Stair Lifts | Acorn Superglide Model 120
Acorn Superglide Model 120 Indoor Stair Lift Perch and Stand Frame
Acorn Superglide Model 120 Stair Lifts for Straight Staircases
Acorn Stair Lift Perch and Stand Frame
Do you have problems bending your knees? Is your staircase exceptionally narrow? Acorn has especially developed the Perch Stair Lift to overcome these problems.
Customer Benefits
Battery powered safe ride
Diagnostic digital display
Easy to use controls
Exceptionally comfortable ride
Fitted to the stairs, not to the wall
Modular rail for quick installation
Near silent operation
No messy trailing cable
No planning permission required
No structural modifications needed
One year free warranty as standard
Stair lifts work on narrow staircases
Safety cut-out sensors
Smooth start/stop action & soft motion
Works in a power cut outage
Do you or your loved ones have problems with stairs? An Acorn Superglide Stair lift could be the practical, affordable solution.

Acorn Information DVD Video "Choosing A Stairlift"

Acorn Superglide Model 120 Stair Lift
Indoor Stair Lift | Perch and Stand Frame

Acorn Superglide Model 120 Perch Stair Lift


The Acorn Superglide Model 120 Perch Stair lift is perfect for people who struggle bending their knees when ascending or descending their stairs or have narrow stairs on the staircase. This stair lift enables people who have problems with sitting down to have as comfortable a journey as possible up and down the stairs.


Do you have problems and trouble bending your knees?

Are your stairs and staircase exceptionally narrow?


Occasionally, it is not possible to use the standard Acorn Model 120 Superglide Sit Frame Stair lift. Perhaps this is because the stairs are exceptionally narrow, or because the user’s legs will not bend enough to allow them to sit down on the stair lift.

Design Solution

Acorn Stairlifts has especially developed the Acorn Superglide Model 120 Perch Stair lift to overcome this problem and could be the solution to all your staircase worries and the answer in helping you regain your freedom using all the floors in your home.


The Perch Model is easily operated by the remote control system, or alternatively with the “wander lead” control which can be positioned for your maximum comfort and ease of operation.


Diagnostic Digital Display

Dual Braking Systems

Electronic braking system

Mechanical braking system

Lockable isolation switch

Maintenance-free DC battery power

Safety cut-out sensors

Simple controls

Infra-red remote controls

Wander lead control

Smooth Soft Start/Soft Stop motion technology

Whisper-quiet operation

Ride Quality


The Rack and Pinion drive ensures users will have a smooth journey with no jolts at any time. The smooth journey will ensure that those with pain are going up their stairs in a safe and secure manner.


The Acorn Model 120 Superglide Perch Stair lift is simple, safe, easy to use and affordable. There is no need to worry if your staircase is exceptionally narrow, or you would rather stand when using a stairlift. Acorn has come up with a solution specifically for you. The Acorn Superglide Perch Stair lift enables people to regain their freedom. Don't suffer; give your life a lift.