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Health Difficulty Climbing

Up and Down Stairs

Knee Hip Back Pain

A Senior Man Trying To Sit
 Down with Severe Pain.

Back Disorder

Senior man with back pain
 from a physical injury.
 He wears a medical
 alert bracelet.

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An Acorn Stairlift is a mobility solution to ride up and down stairs with Pain | Complimentary "Try Before You Buy" Demonstration where available.

Acorn Stairlifts Sit and Stand

An Acorn Stairlift is a mobility solution to ride up and down stairs with Safety and Comfort | Acorn Superglide Model 120 Sit and Stand Frame Models Shown.

Acorn Stairlift allows you to stay in the home you love. Give your life a lift!

Knee Pain  |  Hip Pain  |  Back Pain


Pain of the knee, hip or back is an unpleasant sensory experience with the unbearable feeling of physical hurt, causing acute discomfort, emotional anguish and distress and can significantly interfere with a person's quality of life and general functioning causing the body to feel sick and in poor health.


Knee Pain

Knee pain may be the result of an injury such as a ligament sprain, muscle strain, ruptured ligament, ruptured tendon and torn cartilage. Medical conditions include bursitis of the knee, deformities of the knee, dislocation of the knee, gout, infection, knee fractures, knee osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, tendinitis and pain related to the ankle, foot, hip joints or lumbar spine.

Hip Pain

Hip pain may be the result of problems with ligaments, muscle, tendons and other structures that maintain the hip joint and can be caused by conditions and diseases from other locations of the body. Hip pain may be caused by advanced cancer that has spread to the bones, amyloidosis, arthritis, avascular necrosis,  bone cancer, bursitis, dislocation, hemophilia, hip fracture, hip labral tear, infection of the spine, inguinal hernia, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, legg-calve-perthes disease, leukemia, lupus, meralgia paresthetica, neurological problem affecting a bundle of nerve roots that serve your lower back and legs, osteoarthritis, osteochondromatosis, osteomalacia, osteomyelitis, osteoporosis, paget's disease of bone, pelvis fracture, postherpetic neuralgia, pseudoaneurysm, psoriatic arthritis, rheumatic fever, rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica, septic arthritis, shingles, sickle cell anemia, spinal stenosis, sprains and strains, swollen lymph nodes, synovitis and tendinitis.

Back Pain

The back is a structure of bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and disks. Back pain may be caused by arthritis, bulging or ruptured disks, cancer, compression fractures of the vertebrae of the spine, degenerative disc disease, degenerative joint disease, fractures, herniated disks, improper or heavy lifting, infection of the spine, infection, inflammatory disease, muscle imbalances, muscle spasm, muscle strains, neurological problem affecting a bundle of nerve roots that serve your lower back and legs, osteoarthritis, spinal disc herniation, strained muscles and ligaments, structural problems, sudden awkward movement, tissue damage, trauma, unnatural curves in the spine and whiplash.


Knee Pain

Some of the more common knee injuries, conditions, disorders and their signs and symptoms include the following: aching or stiffness after periods of inactivity, aching when you walk, particularly when you get up in the morning, stiffness after being active, observe an apparent deformity in your leg or knee, a feeling that the knee might collapse or give way, a grinding or grating feeling may be present when you lengthen your knee, a low-grade fever. specific awareness of not feeling well, tenderness just below the kneecap, an inability to bear weight on the injured knee, difficulty walking or inability to completely extend or straighten your knee, loss of flexibility or motion in your knee joints and eventually abnormality of the knee joints.

Pain includes a wide range of signs and symptoms such as a sharp, burning pain on the outside of the knee that typically occurs after longer distance runs, pain which normally gets worse with activity particularly after running and jumping, varying degrees of pain mainly when you walk or stand, instant pain that gets worse when you try to bend your knee or walk, pain at rest, pain in one or both knees, severe intense knee pain that comes on abruptly with inflammation, fever, pain, swelling, redness in the knee with infection, intermittent attacks of sudden pain and swelling in large joints, especially the knees, increased pain when you kneel, squat, run, jump, get up from a chair, walk or climb up or descend down stairs, tenderness and pain in the front part of your knee that gets worse when you sit for extended periods, pain that primarily improves with rest after running, a popping or creaking sound, and redness, swelling, warmth and inflammation in the front of the knee or just below the kneecap.

Hip Pain

Hip pain symptoms include aching in the junction of the torso with the legs or thigh area for a period of time before a hip bone break, burning pain in or on the surface of the outer part of your thigh, can't walk more than four steps without significant pain, considerable discomfort with any attempt to rotate or flex the hip, cramping in the legs, deformity around the hip joint, difficulty walking comfortably or pain is usually worse when standing or walking, disabling joint hip pain that lasts for days, hip pain occurring during the night when at rest or asleep, infection with inflammation, area feeling hot or warm, redness and fever, pain and swelling over the outer upper thigh or hip area, pain in joints on one or both sides of your body, pain while limping, pain may radiate down your thigh to your knee, pain often described as a dull ache, pain or stiffness in the hip, in the junction of the torso with the legs, thigh or knee and unable to bend over at the hip.

Back Pain

The symptoms for back pain include a compressed nerve in the back may cause weakness or numbness in the leg, a tingling or pins and needles feeling in feet and toes, ache and pain may be confined to the lower part of the back, aggravated pain may occur with extended sitting time, back pain that radiates from the back to the hip, to the back of the thigh, and into the back part of the leg below the knee and feet, constant pain or ache in the back over time, continuing stiffness and aching from the neck down the length of the spine to the hips, difficult or unable to stand or move foot, feet or toes, experience weakness in your legs or feet, feelings like a jolt or electric shock, loss of control of kidney and related organs, numbness or muscle weakness, pain may be worse at night, pain worse with sneeze or cough, severe muscle spasms in the low back, severe local pain in the upper back and lower part of the back and neck, shooting, pain ranging from sharp, stabbing, tingling, dull, mild ache or burning pain sensations to unbearable discomfort, the pain may become worse with movement, pain may extend down the back front or side of the leg and unable to stand up straight

Solution for Climbing Stairs with Knee, Hip or Back Pain

Acorn Stairlifts designs, manufactures, sells and installs sit, stand and perch stair lifts to aid people with knee, hip and back disorders to travel up and down stairs easing pain, stress and eliminating the danger of falling down stairs. An Acorn Stairlift is a surprisingly reasonably priced solution to difficulties you or your loved ones may be having getting up or down stairs.  Features such as a safety belt is included for added security, a lockable swivel seat which allows the user to safely board and leave the lift without the need for twisting the body, five safety sensors on the footrest and carriage stop the lift if an obstruction is encountered, a padded seat and backrest ensures that the Acorn Stairlift gives the most comfortable ride available and battery power with no interruption even with a power outage. Acorn Stairlifts have been installed in hundreds of thousands of homes worldwide.


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